Intuitive Animal Readings
Wouldn't it be wonderful to reach out and understand your animal companion? To be able to communicate with your beloved pet?
For this purpose Heike offers intuitive animal readings.

What can intuitive animal readings be useful for?

  • Finding out the general disposition of the animal. This is especially useful when the pet has been adopted from an animal shelter.
  • Understanding the reason for troubling behavior.
  • Finding the causes of illness.
  • Communication with the animal for preparation for a vetinary visit, surgery, or any event the pet might feel anxious about. It has been found that some animals will feel less anxious about an event if they have been prepared for it by communicating to the animal about the event.
  • It has been found that pets are also very in tune with their owners and will reflect the state of the owners' own wellbeing during a reading. It is possible for a pet to express concern for their owners in some circumstances. Readings have been found to help heal both the pet and the owner.

Pet Clearing and Animal Reiki
Sometimes pets have behavioral issues that are very troubling to their owners. During a pet clearing the practitioner will connect to the Higher Self of the animal to clear out any misplaced energy from the past or present. This includes using Reiki. This is especially useful with pets that have come from shelters or have experienced abuse in their past.

What can you expect during a session?
Animal readings can be done remotely and locally. Please provide a photo of the animal via email. A list of questions and concerns that the client would like to ask the animal would be especially helpful. It is also helpful to prepare your pet before a reading by letting their pet know that a reading will take place by saying to their pet that “Heike will be chatting to them about their lives this Monday”. This prepares and calms the animal for any communication and allows for the best flow of information.